Thursday, June 30, 2011

Symbolism in “The Skull and the Arrow” Underdog Paragraph

There are several things that motivates underdogs to perform at their best. The highest motivation for underdogs to win is to have something to prove to those that have labeled them underdogs. The underdog feels that they have to show absolutely everyone that they are someone to not take lightly. Another thing that motivates the underdog to win is that they have nothing to lose, which  means that they take a lot  more risks. Lastly, sometimes being the underdog can mean that they have other talents to show. A sports player may not be a good player, but may be a good referee or coach.

"The Grandfather" Content Paragraph: My Tree

Like the narrator in “The Grandfather” by Gary Soto, I try to keep myself close to my house parents. I consider my house parents to be my family. These people are like my family because I trust them as if they were my real parents. Also, I have a good relationship with them. They just care a lot for me and for my housemates. They give me strength by supporting me. An example of a time when I depended on them was when ever I was having a bad time they would help me by talking to me. A tree symbolizes family because both a family and a tree will leave something of themselves behind.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

: “The Grandfather” Before Important Person

Someone who means a lot to me wold be my mom. I am extremely close with her. My mom is also really funny, shes my best friend. My moms not like other mom's shes one that I can tell everything to. Which I think is kind of rare. Shes important to me because, shes the one who brought me into this world. How could she not be important. Also she did a lot of things that helped me get through my life. In other words she gave me important lessons. My current relationship with my mom isn't all that great I don't see her as much as I used to. Occasionally, I would see her when I'm on pass. I  still talk to her on the phone, and I try to tell her things that go on so that she can help me out.

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“The Lady or the Tiger” Which Door?

In the story, “The Lady or the Tiger?” by Frank R. Stockton, the man opens the door and sees a hungry tiger ready to have a big feast! The princess felt “jealous” (303) she didn’t want the other girl to have him. Also, the princess hated the lady because he now her. She’s also imagining that the lady is running to her guy is like being affectionate giving him looks and that he likes it. The man’s fate was decided to be consumed by jealousy.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"Cranes" Before You Read: Duty

If I had to choose between studying for a history exam or awoling with a friend I would obviously chose studying for my exam. There are many reasons why I would rather study, then go do something stupid. I have awoled before so therefore I can’t really say anything but it was out of stupidity, but things happen for a reason so there’s that. Plus awoling would be no fun considering that you have to always think about not getting caught, also it just gets you in trouble and I don’t think anyone wants that. Either you’re going to get caught, so taking my exam would be best.

"The Sniper" Theme Paragraph

The story we are currently reading in the class is "The Sniper" bu Liam O'Flaherty. The theme is asbout war and killing people. Manin characters are the sniper and the gunner. Throught the story the gunner changes because he relizes that he shot his brother and if he knew who he was then no one this would havev ever happened. The sniper didnt change at all. Main problem is when the IRA sniper discovers the identity of the enemy sniper. It was resolved by killing. This theme relates to other areas of life because in life alot of things are based on violence

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"The Sniper" Before You Read Fear Paragraph

When facing heart-pounding fear, people perform well, but they can also make a mistake. When your scared you dont think things through so you may just go with your insticts and do whatever comes in mind. You can still be scared and think about what would be a good thing to do when your facing heart-pounding fear. For example, I  new a girl who ranaway from home and she had no ride, no money, nothing. She decided to get in a random car. At the time she was really scared and didnt know what to do so therefore she should have never gotten in, in the first place.Furthermore she also, should have never ran away. Luckily the people who let her in their car didnt do anything bad to her. All of these people responded out of fear.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Portfolio - Future

I feel that I’m going to go really far in my future, which is breathtaking. My goals are to first graduate high school. Next, go to community college then transfer to university. Lastly, I want to study criminal science. Some previous experiences that have prepared me to reach these goals are to basically try my hardest in science. I don’t really need to work on anything right now because this year I didn’t have science, so therefore my sophomore year I have to get and A. I have to help myself reach my goal because who else is going to help me, also if I will need help I will ask for it. Honestly, I do believe that I will achieve this if I really set my mind to it.

Portfolio – Greatest High School Accomplishment - 9th

One of my greatest accompishments was that mine and Chelsea's fish(Jaws) hasnt died. I've had my fish for quite a while now and I'm a bad "mother" I dont ever take care of it. I hardly  remembered to clean it and feed it. I forget that i have it sometimes. Honestly, I wish Jaws could talk so that he can tell me that hes hungry or that he needs me to clean him , or something.So instead of me abonding him, I gave it to Chelsea. She loves taking care of it she really loves Jaws. We both take care of it but mostly she does. I am actually really happy that hes in good hands. This incident didnt really change me it just taught me to take care of things, and not abandon them.

Portfolio – Greatest High School Obstacle

During the past year, an obstacle was trying to get off two hour. I didn't have that many incidents this year because I dont really like talking to these kids. I stick to myself pretty much. To me trying to get off two hour is somewhat hard. I don't consider myself dumb or anything, its just that I get distracted easily. Honestly getting good grades is a big deal to me. I've seen alot of people that are struggling with graduating because of their grades. I dont want to be like that. I used not care about grades for some reason but now I really am trying my best. This incident has changed me because I used to not care about school or grades and now I am doing my best.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Romeo and Juliet - Day 6 - Wrap Up Paragraph

In Romeo and Juliet I think that the people who are responsible for the death are her parents and the fryer. I say her parents because if they wouldn’t have forced her to marry, then this whole disobeying thing and committing suicide thing, would have ever happened. The parents made her commit suicide. Also it was the fryers because it was all his idea. He’s the one who encourage Juliet to fake it. This topic is extremely important because it basically tells us to not force people to do what they don’t want to do, because if so crazy things can happened, like this.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Romeo and Juliet - Act 3 - Rage

There are many things that can happen when someone has rage. Rage can lead to anger which is from mild irritation to violent rage. It can be temporary or long lasting filled with hatred. It can be either constructive or destructive. Like in Romeo and Juliet, Romeo's friend was stabbed by the Capulettes all because of rage. Later Romeo went an killed Juliets cousin. Romeo was then banished for killing one of theCapulet's and for killing a Montague. I Romeo were to be found he was going to be killed. He had to leave, Juliet was very upset. This is relevant to modern life because "love" can lead to killing.